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ELAROS provides an innovative way of carrying out the initial assessment, diagnosis and triaging of people with bladder conditions.

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The Event Diary Product

The system behind the Digital Bladder Diary

The ELAROS service has been designed to care for people who require long term management and monitoring across a range of conditions. As well as being used in initial assessment and diagnosis, it can be used to efficiently and effectively determine people's responsiveness to different treatment regimes.

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The ELAROS Event Diary is centred on a hand held recording device that enables people to monitor their own health both at home and on the move safely and discreetly. This information is analysed providing an immediate clinical diagnosis and recommended clinical action. Recording of symptoms by the patient using the device ensures accurate clinical analysis of data resulting in greatly reduced clinical referrals and unnecessary hospital visits.

This innovative new way of carrying out initial assessment, diagnosis and triaging of patients with long-term conditions has been specifically designed to be integrated into GP practices, specialist continence providers, community health organisations and acute trusts. The service enhances delivery of the patient pathway and enables compliance with NICE guidelines.

Our approach, which has been trialled in different clinical settings, provides immediate, accurate, simple and intuitive clinical direction.

The ELAROS Digital Bladder Diary

An Event Diary for people with
Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms,
created by NHS clinicians

bladder diary At some point in their life 2 out of every 3 adults will have a bladder related problem. Currently 5 million people over the age of 40 in the UK suffer from a form of bladder difficulty called 'overactive bladder'. Of these sufferers, nearly 750,000 have been prescribed drugs.

The ELAROS Event Diary is easy to use for patients of all ages. This simple process of recording information enables the patient to take control and management of bladder issues with dignity. The device is discreet and convenient and the information captured is 100% secure. Using the device enables the patient to keep an accurate up to date bladder diary wherever they are.

The information gathered from the handheld device is uploaded remotely to the cloud which provides an immediate clinical diagnosis and recommended clinical action. The system also produces lifestyle alerts to help patients manage their own condition.

With this comes the reduced need for patients to go back and forth to their GP and cuts out inappropriate and unnecessary referrals to hospitals. The time taken to diagnose and treat a patient's symptoms is cut reducing anxiety for the patient and offering quick relief from symptoms that may have had a significant emotional impact on their life.


Your partner in health management

The company, incubated by NHS organisations, represents a breakthrough, not only in terms of the innovative nature of its service model, but also in its partnership approach that brings together the NHS, the academic community and industry.

The NHS organisations involved in ELAROS are:

- Devices for Dignity is a NIHR Healthcare Technology Co-operative set up to drive forward innovative new products, processes and services to support people with long-term conditions, preserving their dignity and independence.

- Medipex Ltd and NHS Innovations North are the UK NHS Innovation Hubs for Yorkshire & Humber and the North East Region. Their mission is to facilitate the development of services/products that cut costs and improve patient care.

- Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust provides the clinical direction for ELAROS.

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Paul O'Brien

Professor Chris Chapple
Christopher Chapple

Peter Cunliffe
Peter Cunliffe
Finance Director
Dr Claire Horton
Dr Claire Horton
Research and Programmes Manager

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