COVID-19 Yorkshire Rehabilitation Scale

An award-winning digital assessment and monitoring tool to help remotely manage individuals with persistent COVID symptoms. A not-for-profit initiative for all NHS organisations.

  • Recommended by NHS England and NICE
  • Developed with NHS Trusts
  • Funded by the NIHR
  • The world’s first clinically validated, condition-specific PROM for long COVID
  • Co-developed with patients, by The University of Leeds, Leeds Long Covid Rehab team, and ELAROS
  • Contains numerous other NHSE recommended tools; EQ-5D-5L, EQ-VAS, ISARIC, CFQ, SF-36, and more


The C19-YRS is the world’s first clinically validated, condition-specific screening tool, used to assess the severity of common persistent symptoms identified in patients after contracting COVID-19, a condition known as ‘long COVID’ or ‘post-COVID-19 syndrome’.

The self-reporting tool has been developed by clinical academics at The University of Leeds and has been recommended for routine use by NHS England in their National Guidance for post-COVID syndrome assessment clinics (Versions 1, 2, and 3) and also recognised by NICE in their rapid guidelines for managing the long-term effects of COVID-19More details of the benefits offered by C19-YRS can be viewed through the product brochure accessible here

The digital C19-YRS platform has been developed by ELAROS in a collaborative partnership with The University of Leeds and the Leeds Long Covid Rehab team, and has been used in the NHS by more than 30 NHS organisations since June 2021. Whilst the system is centred around the C19-YRS, ELAROS’ system boasts more than 25 patient-reported outcome measures, allowing long Covid services to configure the system in-line with their local strategy to manage patients and evaluate outcome data.

As of January 24th 2021 the World Health Organisation estimates there have 97.4 million confirmed cases of (acute) COVID-19, with the Office for National Statistics estimating that:

  • Around 20% of patients testing positive for COVID-19 exhibit symptoms for a period of 5 weeks or longer
  • Around 10% of patients testing positive for COVID-19 exhibit symptoms for a period of 12 weeks or longer

Scoring of symptom severity and functional disability performance

Easy to use, secure and scalable platform to oversee patients

User friendly with visual aids for patients to monitor recovery progress

not-for-profit solution for all NHS organisations

The system provides a secure, scalable solution to manage multiple patients on a single platform and is free at the point of use for all NHS organisations.

The C19-YRS captures data automatically and generates a report to clinicians in real time, offering powerful reporting tools to both clinicians and patients.


Features of the clinical web portal

Features of the patient app


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Partners and Endorsements

ELAROS’ C19-YRS was rapidly developed to a high standard, by working closely with clinical researchers at University of Leeds and Pipe & Piper Ltd to pivot ELAROS’ existing CE-marked Digital Bladder Diary platform. The paper C19-YRS self-report is being slowly adopted by NHS Trusts across the UK as of December 2020. ELAROS’ digital C19-YRS aims to improve the Long COVID patient care pathway and offer patients and clinicians an enhanced, secure, remote digital alternative solution.

C19-YRS was developed with support from The University of Leeds, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust, Airedale and Hull NHS Trusts.

Recommended for routine use by NHS England in their National Guidance for post-COVID syndrome assessment and has been recognised by NICE in their rapid guidelines for managing the long-term effects of COVID-19 as a clinically relevant tool, requesting further validation and development with patients and clinicians.

The scale has also been endorsed and published by ACNR and BSRM.