COVID-19 Yorkshire Rehabilitation Scale™

An award-winning digital assessment and monitoring tool for managing individuals with long Covid. 

  • Recommended by NHS England and NICE
  • Co-developed by patients, The University of Leeds, Leeds long Covid rehab team, and ELAROS
  • A not-for-profit initiative for all NHS organisations


Developed by clinical experts

Easy to use, secure and scalable platform to oversee patients

User friendly with visual aids for patients to monitor their progress

not-for-profit solution for all NHS organisations

The system provides a secure, scalable solution to manage multiple patients on a single platform and is free at the point of use for all patients of NHS organisations.

The C19-YRS™ captures data automatically and generates a report to clinicians in real time, offering powerful reporting tools to both clinicians and patients.

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Features of the Clinical Portal

Features of the Patient App

The C19-YRS™ is currently live in over 40 NHS trusts


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