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Neu-Restore™ is an Innovate UK funded project, which will deliver a digital hub for the management of the upper limb following stroke. This includes an app for stroke survivors and carers, and a web portal for physios and clinical staff.

This hub is built around a novel electromyography (EMG) assessment, which uses quantitative and objective physiological information regarding the neural damage from stroke, to supplement current assessment methods which are qualitative and subjective.

The assessment is designed to generate physiological data that will aid clinical decisions, allow recovery monitoring, and facilitate personalisation of therapy regimes. We aim to make the EMG assessment a predictive tool whereby an assessment at 4-6 weeks can aid prognosis of the development of spasticity, and ultimately to be used as a gold-standard for stroke care.

To supplement the EMG assessment, Neu-Restore aims to provide all the tools that are needed by staff, patients, and carers into one platform to assist with clinical management, patient support, and the practical aspects of stroke care.

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As Neu-Restore’s is still developing we would love to hear what you think. We are running a questionnaire study intended for stroke survivors, carers, clinicians and healthcare professionals. 

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