The Hydration Monitoring System for Care Homes

Dehydration in older people is among the top 10 reasons for hospital admission resulting in a significant financial impact on the healthcare system. Yet dehydration in older people can easily be prevented or treated with an appropriate hydration programme.

Hydr8was developed by North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group and Nine Software company Ltd, with support from the Academic Health Science Network, North East and North Cumbria.

Hydr8is a platform by which care homes can monitor the fluid intake of their residents. Each resident has their own profile on the Hydr8app, where their fluid intake is recorded. The cumulative total can be viewed at a glance, with an infographic displaying the percentage of hydration status attained. Residents at risk of becoming under, or over, hydrated can easily be identified and a standardised protocol then guides staff to the appropriate response.

Data from all residents is relayed back to a central data store which is accessible to the care home manager, care home provider, CCG and authorised clinicians.


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