Mi-Trial ®

The Clinical Trial Companion App

Developed by clinical experts

Bespoke scheduling system

Secure data storage

Improves adherance

Mi-Trial is a clinical trial companion system and app. It has been designed to meet the needs of trial participants and those managing trials. There are two major components: the patient-facing app, and the portal from which the trial scheduling is managed.

  1. The app. This acts as a one-stop portal for all vital trial information, provides a schedule of trial visits that syncs with the subjects own smartphone diary, delivers reminders and information about visits at scheduled times, and has functions to store notes and information. Available for both Android and iOS.
  2. The portal allows flexible scheduling of study protocols, so that visit schedules can be automatically generated and adjusted. Avoids scheduling errors and reduces deviations. Participants can be messaged via the portal, individually or in groups..

A Partnership Approach

Medicines evaluations unit

Mi-Trial is a partnership company, owned and operated by the University of Manchester, The Medicines Evaluation Unit and ELAROS.

This brings a collective experience across the full breadth of the trials process. We have built Mi-Trial to address the needs of patients and trials organisations, with the specific objective of helping patients to adhere to trial protocols.


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