ELAROS appoints Jennifer McDonald as Project Manager for MammoScreen

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ELAROS is happy to announce that Jennifer Mcdonald has been appointed into the new role of ELAROS Project Manager of MammoScreen.

Jennifer joins ELAROS with an MSc in Biotechnology and Microbiology from the University of York.

Jennifer has developed professional laboratory skills alongside her education, covering topics such as cancer cell biology, molecular genetics, developmental biology and biochemistry.

Jennifer seeks to use her prior knowledge to aid and advance projects at ELAROS whilst gaining knowledge on the applications of biotechnology in healthcare.

Jennifer has also worked in Quality Assurance at a pharmaceutical company.

At Labcorp, Jennifer ran daily practical assay experiments for various clients and analysed the resultant data, whilst also taking charge of audit and operations of one it’s laboratories.

These experiences have developed Jennifer’s commercial awareness and given her insight into the regulations applied to industrial biological applications.

Jennifer will lead ELAROS’s involvement in this transformational multi-partner €6,000,000 (EU backed) MammoScreen project – which will see the MammoWave breast screening device secure further clinical validation through an ‘at-scale’ clinical trial with 10,000 participants, recruited through 10 hospitals across Europe (over the next four years).

ELAROS’s role in this ground-breaking project is to build all of the supporting software-environment (the clinical/research portals and patient-facing app), that along with the MammoWave breast screening device itself, will completely digitalise the breast screening experiences of patients globally.

Alongside her responsibilities as Project Manager of MammoScreen, Jennifer will be involved in supporting/driving other ELAROS projects and products forward: C19-YRS, Mi-Trial, Neu-Restore and Sleepy Fox, as well as supporting other projects within ELAROS’s rapidly growing programmes portfolio. 

Jennifer brings a combination of industry, technical and management skills/rigour to this new role.

ELAROS colleagues have been delighted to welcome Jennifer into the growing team.