ELAROS 24/7 Secures Funding From the NENC AHSN

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ELAROS 24/7, an innovative new service that improves the initial assessment, diagnosis and triaging of patients with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), has secured £96,000 of funding from the Academic Health Health Science Network for the North East and North Cumbria (AHSN NENC). 

Of 139 applications submitted to the AHSN NENC, ELAROS 24/7 was one of 45 projects that shared the £3,000,000 of funding. 

ELAROS 24/7 has created a hand-held electronic bladder diary (the size of a smartphone) (UroDiary®) that captures patient data and an uploader that is deployed to clinicians’ desktop computers (UroUpload™) that extracts data from the UroDiary and transfers the information to an algorithm (UroConnect®) that sits on NHS system (N3). The algorithm provides immediate, accurate, simple and intuitive clinical direction. 

At a Stakeholder Event organised by the AHSN NENC at the Marriot Hotel in Gateshead on the 9 May 2014, ELAROS 24/7 was 1 of 7 projects that was showcased. This well attended event has provided ELAROS 24/7 with the opportunity to engage directly with both providers and commissioners on the ground and the Company is now working with potential partners on designing the roll-out and implementation of the rural pilot. 

After the Stakeholder Event, Professor Paul O’ Brien, Chief Executive Office of ELAROS 24/7 said: “Winning this strategically important funding for our rural pilot in the North East and North Cumbria enables the Company to engage with new partners on piloting a system that will bring about transformational change to service delivery and greater involvement/control of patients in managing and monitoring their own health.”