ELAROS Appoints Scientific Director for New Innovate UK Project

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ELAROS is delighted to announce that Dr Thomas Richards will join the team from the 1st April 2022, in the new role of – Scientific Director of Neu-Restore. Thomas will lead the scientific side of our work on our recently awarded £286,000 funded Innovate UK project.
Thomas studied a BSc in Medical Science (2014) followed by a PhD in neurophysiology (2018) at the University of Leeds. During his doctoral studies, Thomas worked on research, studying motor control pathways, and also on the educational side of his department at UoL – demonstrating practical laboratory skills to undergraduates.
Thomas has also worked at The Memorial University in St Johns, Canada, where he had a secondment to conduct experiments on a joint project – funded by the amazing health programme Grow MedTech (based in Leeds) –
which is where ELAROS met Thomas and his supervisor.
Over the years, the main focus of Thomas’s research has been the physiology of motor control pathways – aimed at the goal of improving personalised therapies for conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury, and cerebral palsy. 

Thomas has worked to overcome signal-processing, statistical, and clustering challenges – in order to develop a number of new ‘analysis pipelines’, that ELAROS will work on with Thomas and his former UoL supervisor.
Whilst working at the Leeds Institute of Data Analytics (LIDA) from 2019-2021, Thomas worked on projects studying
prescription patterns of inhalers during the COVID-19 pandemic and agent-based models that integrated live data in order to model the movement of people around buildings – that can be applied to both health and security settings.
In his new role at ELAROS, Thomas will apply the skills and knowledge that he has developed over many years towards helping to create Neu-Restore, a clinical management platform, with powerful algorithms and assessment tools/probes – which aim to create a new ‘gold standard’ for stroke management and diagnostics globally.
Beyond this, ELAROS intends to make further inventions into other clinical areas where science can support and improve subjective measures, with new modes of assessment that are currently not available.
Over the coming weeks, ELAROS will make further significant announcements on appointments to this project.
Separately, ELAROS will also announce the amazing Advisory Board that we have managed to bring together that will support the project with both pilot sites and lab space.