ELAROS to support a Joint PhD with the University of Leeds, the University of Manchester and the University of Liverpool

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ELAROS’s Executive Management Team has appointed Gabriel Clarkson to the position of Technology & Business Development Manager.

Gabriel started with ELAROS a year ago (today) as our Graduate Trainee Technology Manager and successfully completed the company’s trainee programme. Since joining, Gabriel has been invaluable in navigating through data governance procedures during the rapid development of the C19-YRS. He has also overseen the development of ELAROS’s new joint project, the clinical trial companion app, MiTrial. 

Amongst many important areas of technology and business development for the company, Gabriel will continue to lead ELAROS’s work on MiTrial, which is being developed with the University of Manchester and the Medicines Evaluation Unit Limited.

We congratulate Gabriel on his new position and thank him for his excellent work to date.