Celine Amadou-Douah to join ELAROS Summer Placement Programme

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ELAROS has selected Celine Amadou-Douah to join the company’s 2021 summer placement programme.

Celine is a University of Sheffield student, studying for an MSc(Eng) in Advanced Control and Systems Engineering. Last year Celine graduated from the University of Sheffield with a BEng in Bioengineering.

ELAROS is looking forward to providing Celine with an overview of the company on Monday morning when she joins the weekly meeting.

Given Celine’s interests, ELAROS has structured a programme that will involve a deep dive into sickle cell, to determine whether there might be a need for a digital Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM), clinical platform and patient app.

Celine is also keen to understand the significant body of work that ELAROS is taking forward around hydration, which was the basis of our original point of contact many months ago.