ELAROS Signs New Partnership Deal with The University of West London to Deliver Improved Hydration for Older People

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The University of West London (UWL) signs new partnership deal with ELAROS to digitise its hydration management tool, I-Hydrate, for care homes. 

More than 400,000 people live in care homes in the UK and residents are vulnerable to the effects of dehydration, such as confusion, falls and infection. Dehydration can easily be prevented and yet is one of the top 10 common reasons for elderly people being admitted to hospital – costing the NHS over £1bn every year. 

I-Hydrate was developed by two UWL academics, Alison Tingle and Professor Jennie Wilson, for use in care homes in order to improve hydration. The toolkit will be incorporated ELAROS’ popular hydration management app, Hydr8. The app allows care home staff to monitor the fluid intake of residents so those at risk of hydration can be identified and action taken to prevent ill-health. 

Professor Anthony Woodman, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost for Health at UWL, said: “Our I-Hydrate toolkit is already being used by care homes across the country to improve the health of older people. By partnering with ELAROS to digitise the toolkit we will be able to have an even greater positive impact on our society.” 

ELAROS CEO, Professor Paul O’Brien, added: “Our work is all about collaborating with professionals in the industry to develop digital technologies to deliver better healthcare solutions. By working with UWL we can help to deliver simple and effective solutions that can transform the health of residents in care homes.” 

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