ELAROS Signs Strategic Partnership with Arquella Limited

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ELAROS has signed a strategic partnership deal with Arquella Limited; a Sheffield-based company that has built a successful business delivering nurse call systems and falls prevention equipment to care homes. By pairing Arquella’s understanding of the care home sector with ELAROS’ expertise in digital health products, the two companies hope to expand their reach into the care home market. 

Reuben Timoney, Director of Arquella, said: “This partnership will help both companies achieve their goals of building excellent products for the care home market, by expanding the range of products each is currently able to offer.” He added, “Arquella will be launching a new product platform that will be able to incorporate ELAROS’ existing digital care home products, thereby expanding our portfolio”. 

ELAROS CEO, Professor Paul O’Brien, added: “Through this partnership both companies hope to advance the uptake of technology in care homes. Arquella gain access to the products that we are developing and ELAROS gains access to an established customer base”. 

Care homes cater for a population of over 400,000 people in the UK, a number which is set to increase as the population ages. The rising demand, combined with the reduction in funding for adult social care, will increase the challenges faced by care homes. The adoption of technology is seen as a way of helping them provide high quality care to their residents and a means of reducing the time spend by care home workers completing paperwork.

One issue faced by care homes is the ability to keep track of how much residents drink each day, to ensure that they don’t become dehydrated. The first Elaros product to be launched through Arquella’s platform will be the hydration monitoring system, Hydr8.