ELAROS Works With Hallam Students During 'Scrum Week'

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Students at Sheffield Hallam University built an additional module to one of ELAROS’ digital health products during the University’s annual ‘scrum week’. Scrum week is designed to give second year Software Engineers and Computer Scientists the chance to get involved in solving real world client problems, including agreeing to sign non-disclosure agreements should they be working on commercially sensitive material. This year, ELAROS was one of ten organisations that took part. Following on from briefing events with individual clients, nineteen groups of students worked from 9am to 5pm from 14th January to 18th January, then demonstrated their solutions to their clients. 

Paul O’Brien and Claire Horton from ELAROS were very impressed with the solutions developed by their teams. Paul O’Brien, CEO of ELAROS remarked, “This is exactly what we hoped for. We would like to congratulate both teams for providing ELAROS with code that can be combined and used in our existing system”. ELAROS wish both teams good luck in their future studies and look forward to participating in next year’s scrum week. 

For an informative and informal view from the organiser, Martin Cooper, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computing, follow the link.