MammoScreen holds its first in person consortium meeting

On the 17th and 18th of May, ELAROS had the exciting opportunity to attend the first MammoScreen Consortium Meeting at London Southbank University. The MammoScreen project is a €6M project involving partners from Italy, Spain, Portugal and the UK – Led by Umbria Bioengineering Technologies SRL (UBT).

This project is a multinational clinical trial which will generate evidence for the use of UBT’s MammoWave technology as a screening method for breast cancer detection, comparing it’s use to traditional mammogram techniques. The main benefits of MammoWave compared to mammography is that it is non-ionising, less invasive and highly accurate regardless of breast tissue density. This clinical trial will involve thousands of women from 10 clinical centres across Europe.

ELAROS is delighted to be working at the heart of this project, developing a patient-facing app and clinical portal that will interface with this cutting-edge technology.

Over the two days the consortium had the opportunity to learn about the individual Work Packages and discuss new developments within the project. Having representatives from each consortium member attend led to many insightful conversations and opened up topics for additional collaborations and work. The meeting also served as a great opportunity to meet with various colleagues, old and new, for the first time face to face.

We are looking forward to continuing with the project and are excited to join the next Consortium meeting in November 2023.