MAMMOSCREEN joins the cancer “Prevention and early detection (Screening)” cluster of EU funded projects

It is with great pleasure that we announce that MAMMOSCREEN has joined the EU funded projects cluster on cancer “Prevention and early detection (Screening)”.

Under the positive impulse given by European Union, funded projects that work on common research areas are teaming up in the so-called clusters of projects. Thus, 7 different projects have gathered together in the same cluster, which focuses on new approaches to prevent cancer. MAMMOSCREEN is one of these projects, together with  DIOPTRA, LUCIA, ONCOSCREENPANCAIDSANGUINE and THERMOBREAST. The cluster aims at fostering collaboration between projects with brokerage, best practice exchange, knowledge exchange and joint effort towards effective dissemination and exploitation of projects results. All the members of the different projects are actively joining their efforts to widen the impact of each other research, and to facilitate the understanding by the public of the importance these EU funded research initiatives have in increasing the quality of life of all European citizens.