MammoScreen launches the Hereditary Breast Cancer Questionnaire

In August 2023, the Hereditary Breast Cancer Questionnaire was launched as part of the MammoScreen project that ELAROS is a part of. 

ELAROS worked on creating the questionnaire which had an aim of exploring the vital domains of  Hereditary Breast Cancer, and listen to womans’ experiences on: 


  • Psychological effect: Understanding the impact on quality of life and coping mechanisms.
  • Health systems & information: Evaluating needs, experiences, and satisfaction with healthcare services.
  • Physical & daily living: Sharing insights on daily activities and lifestyle modifications.
  • Patient care & support: Assessing the support and care you receive, availability of resources, and more.
  • Treatment: Helping us explore treatment options, decision-making processes, and preferences.


The participation of many woman around the globe in the questionnaire helped with the further development of the MAMMOSCREEN imaging experience and fills us with hope a brighter future for women affected by hereditary breast cancer and