ELAROS Forms Strong Partnership to Address Sleep Issues in Children

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ELAROS Ltd is working in partnership with The Children’s Sleep Charity a national award winning charity based in Yorkshire and Sheffield Children’s Hospital on a pioneering approach to support self-management and clinical decision making in primary care, aligned to better utilisation of limited resources in secondary care. Building upon existing technology the team are creating an app designed to take the young person on a journey that will either help resolve their sleep challenge, where this is linked to lifestyle or point to more challenging sleep disorders (and evidence this) where specialist intervention is required. 

Already enjoying success, the project has become among nine chosen to share a total of £900,000 funding as a result of the latest Small Business Research Initiative for Healthcare (SBRI Healthcare) competition. 

This competition was delivered in partnership by the Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) and the Technology Innovation Transforming Child Health (TITCH) Network on behalf of SBRI Healthcare, an NHS England initiative led by the country’s 15 Academic Health Science Networks. 

With six percent of children in the UK living with disability, ingenious life changing solutions can ensure they have the best start in life. The technologies recognise the importance of encouraging independence and focus on restoring function and providing appropriate support for self-care and remote monitoring. 

Prof Paul O’Brien, Chief Executive of ELAROS, commented “The Board and staff of ELAROS are delighted to have won this prestigious competition, which comes as the company starts to develop other products to address unmet clinical needs in areas that have not yet seen the application of the power of digital health. “We are excited to be embarking upon this important project with our partners at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, the Children’s Sleep Charity and Dr Michael Boyle and believe that our proposed solution will make a significant difference to the lives of families blighted by sleep difficulties. Through the empowerment of families, the Sleep Diary Partnership, led by ELAROS, believes that significant saving will be achieved for the NHS through the deployment of our digital solution that will be free at the point of use.” 

Vicki Dawson of The Children’s Sleep Charity says “We are delighted to be working at the forefront of development to ensure that new technology can support and help families of children with sleep issues. With up to 80% of children with additional needs suffering some form of sleep issue, making the assessment and diagnosis as simple and uninvasive as possible is vital.” 

Philippa Hedley-Takhar, Head of Investment & Partnerships for Yorkshire & Humber AHSN commented: “Children and young people with long term conditions spend much of their childhood in healthcare environments. This competition was designed to stimulate development of solutions to improve quality of life, promote independence and individual empowerment identified as a much- needed area of focus from families, young people and clinicians.”